Ellen Dissanayake

Author and Lecturer

Affiliate Professor
School of Music
University of Washington

Photograph by Ekkehart Malotki

Photograph by Ekkehart Malotki

About Ellen Dissanayake


Ellen with Kwoma carving. Photo by Ingrid Barrentine.


Photo by Catherine Wilson

Several fine articles are available online as an introduction to Ellen and her work:

"Why Do We Need Art?"
by Bruce Barcott

"What is Art for?"
by Tim Steury

"The Artistic Animal"
by Caleb Crain

Denis Dutton on Ellen Dissanayake

"From Babytalk to Bach," Lone Frank. "Ideer," Weekendavisen 11, pp. 14-18 (March 2008) Denmark

Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni Achievement Award, 68th Biennal Convention, Phoenix, 26 June 2010