Ellen Dissanayake

Author and Lecturer

Affiliate Professor
School of Music
University of Washington

Photograph by Ekkehart Malotki

Photograph by Ekkehart Malotki


Early Rock Art of the American West: The Geometric Enigma

(with Ekkehart Malotki), forthcoming from the University of Washington Press in 2018, 320pp., over 200 color illustrations

Early Rock Art of the American West will be published by the University of Washington Press, a nonprofit publisher. We are seeking donations to produce this beautiful book at an affordable price. Gifts at all levels are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Donors who contribute $1000 or more will be acknowledged in the front of the book and receive a complimentary copy upon publication. Other donors will also be acknowledged by name on a special sponsors’ page in the book. Contributions can be made at www.uw.edu/giving/uwpress-books.

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